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I graduated in 2010 from college with a degree in Visual Communications. Before I even graduated I was picked up by the Grand Rapids Griffins to work on their LED ribbon making animations and that opened my creativity immediately. I still to this day remember the instant joy and satisfaction I got when the fans saw my work. Right then and there I knew filming was my passion. While working for the Griffins I picked up another job in graphic design for a company out of Grand Haven called Johnny Advertising. They are the company that makes those catchy ads in the bathrooms! After I gained my experience from both companies I set out in May of 2011 to start my own company called…you guessed it Trosper Productions. My first year I filmed 5 weddings, made countless graphic design ads, and became one with my camera. As the years went on I became more and more popular with my thirst for experience. I now have been in business for 5+ years and continue to grow bigger and bigger every year. I put my heart in soul into every project and love my job. Each project I film I tackle it with confidence and extreme creativity. Each project is different and should be treated that way.  You will not meet anyone more qualified or more personal then myself I promise you that. Whatever your filming project is I will be with you from start to finish to make it something you are proud of! I was awarded from The Knot earning their “Best Of Weddings 2017” and “Best Of Weddings 2018”!!! So you know you are in good hands.

Charity Work


Humane Society organizations have always grabbed my heart. My first dog I adopted quinnwas named Dunkin (in picture with me at top). Rescued him when he was 10 months old from a shelter and he was with me until July 2nd, 2016 when he passed away due to liver disease. I now have rescued two more dogs  name Roxy and Quinn. While in college learning video production I thought to myself  how can I combine this newly learned skill and my passion for the humane society. After meeting with Jill over at the Humane Society of SWM we struck a idea. I would  film the animals out in play areas, over lay some cool holiday music, and boom…I created something that could be uploaded to social media to share. The first video was Christmas of 2009 and shortly after the video was released people started coming in asking about the dogs in the videos!! With its success I started making more for the holidays. Every humane society video you see is always sad and I wanted to showcase the dogs at their happiest moments to show their true personality. Each video had my own happy goofy twist that sparked many nice comments. Eventually I moved on to making commercials for the Humane Society! This will always be one of my most rewarding experiences in my life because I went out of the box and just helped a cause with new skills I gained. I will most definitely will be making more of these as time goes on.

I am a social guy