Q & A

Why have a videographer?

So much happens day of the wedding and before you know it the day is done! Videography simply allows you to go back and relive the day. I capture speeches, feelings, and things you simply missed during the busy day. Pictures are wonderful but they do not let you hear and truly feel those once in a lifetime moments!

Why should I spend money on your company vs a cheaper company?

I try to keep my prices as reasonable I as can to ensure you get the best “Bang” for your buck. I constantly invest money into cameras to stay up with the times and have the best software. All I do for a living is film so after your wedding is done I am immediately putting tons of hours into your investment. When couples decide to book cheaper those vendors have to do over things that prioritize over your day. Your wedding gets pushed onto the back burning and simply does not get their full creativity. I also come with tons of reviews backed with a lot of experience. I can guarantee you will not regret the choice of picking my company!

How much to book?

I require half the package amount and a signed contract. The remaining balance isn’t due until day of the wedding!

Where can I see real reviews?

Click the link at the bottom of any page. It leads you right to the knot where you can read and see over 75+ reviews! I am very proud and so happy to be apart of every wedding I film 🙂

Are there going to be cameras in my face?

Some couples are leery of hiring a wedding videographer because they feel as though it will be an infringement on the day. They envision a big camera, microphone, and bright lights in their face throughout the day with constant posing and staging. However, a videographer can feel very natural and go with the flow rather than staging scenes. A wedding videographer may go almost completely unnoticed in most cases, making the experience much different than you may think!

Will I watch it and then never watch it again?

Investing in a wedding videographer is definitely not something you’ll regret, whereas opting to not have one may be something you look back on and wish you reconsidered after your wedding day has passed. Your wedding video will serve as a family keepsake that will be treasured for years to come. You’ll be able to share this video with your future children (and grandchildren!) so that they can see the day their parents got married.